Meet Zippy. I’ve named him (or her) Zippy because he/she must have zipped right into a window. I suppose it’s also possible it fell out of a tree. Either way it’s injured and can’t fly. I found it chilling on the sidewalk and picked it up and put it in a box. As it escaped my first box, I found him wandering in the street again and I moved it to a bigger box. It then escaped my bigger box and I put a lid on his escape attempts. He has about 10% flight so hopefully in the next 10 minutes he makes a full recovery and can once again soar with his friends. I’ll keep his life updated.


*The Zipster is no longer with us. It makes me think that he would have been better off without my assistance. Before my hands of death got a hold of him, he was hopping along without a care in the world. You could make the case that he died warm and safe instead of getting run over by a car, but I’m not so certain that was better. He went from viral to petering out in a mere hour. RIP.