IMG_1822First and foremost, Sam rolled a 289 which is the best bowling score out of anyone I know. Sometimes there’s a feeling of jealousy when a bowler is doing really well and you think to yourself that you’d like to see them miss. This was not the case when we were rolling on Friday as I was really pulling for a perfect game. They don’t come along very often and when you get the chance at one, you have to root as hard as you can for it to happen. In due time,

Lake-Naomi-Club-Sunset-Poconos-PAIn other news, my parents purchased a mountain home in the Poconos. Believe it or not it is surprisingly affordable. The family went for the first time this weekend and it’s a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of the city. When I go for runs, it’s weird to be completely by myself. It doesn’t happen in the city. The lifestyle is a little different too as we’d go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. The house is still being fixed up and is going to be a nice long term investment for the family.