The last 5 weeks at South Bowl my averages over 3 games have been 192, 193, 206, 189, and 196. This could be looked at and described as consistency based on a 15 game sample size. Lanes are freshly oiled as we arrive so the conditions are also consistent. This is what I consider to be fun bowling. Last night was our Wednesday night league which I am stating is the last time I roll at Hi-Spots unless conditions approve.

John with Andrew Bynum

Owner John with Andrew Bynum

To start with, we were put on lanes 5 and 6, where inevitably the balls get trapped because a pin gets lodged in between the return and the balls. This slows the game down because Steve has to manually go back to fix this issue at least 3 times within 1 1/2 games. You will see this in the below video. We arrived at 7:30pm and didn’t finish until 11pm to roll 3 games with 5 players on each team.

My second gripe applies primarily with me because I throw a ball that has revolutions on it. Whereas most of the league throws a straight ball or one that has so few revs that it doesn’t matter much, I struggle to find the pocket shot after shot. Why is this? Mainly because the oil pattern is so messy that understanding where it is actually is a mystery. When I try to roll down the right portion of the lane, it shoots across because there is no oil. Then I move left and roll through the oil in the middle and the ball misses the pocket right because there is no catch. I completely understand saying that I’m whining like a baby and not adjusting but it’s not just me. Colin who is one of the best bowlers in the league is carrying a 165 average and throws a pretty reved up ball and he’s way better than a 165 bowler. Josh, the best bowler in the league, is averaging 186 and says he’s well over 200 on other lanes. It’s not like it’s unbowlable, I still rolled reasonable games last night but the misses are a freaking joke. Try picking up spares where every part of the lane produces a different result. Maybe you’ll catch some oil, maybe you won’t. Hi Spots is great if you have no other experience in other league bowling but I’ve frankly had enough when I’ve actually seen what a real league is like at South Bowl. Get it together or else the bowlers who are actually trying to improve their game won’t show. PS – The house balls are a crime to humanity.