snapchat-focusI’m not sure if everyone understands how to use Snapchat but I most certainly don’t. There’s some weird way of adding friends by making your tips touch. Very personal if you ask me. Also it took me a few weeks before Evan showed me that you have to hold down the video button on the filter for it to take footage. I also just learned yesterday that after you take a picture you can swipe left or right to add location based text or images. With the learning curve behind me for the most part (I think), I’ll give you my thoughts on the usefulness of the app.

This was definitely not sent to me.

This was definitely not sent to me.

I know I’m late to the party and “the kids” have been snapping since 2011 but I get a kick out  of utilizing video that isn’t as formal as YouTube. Each video to your story lasts 6 seconds and this gives it an impersonal feel. I posted one video of myself hammered and didn’t have to worry much about the idiot I looked like because it would be erased in 24 hours anyway. I also am aware you can send private messages to friends by video which is a funny way to deliver a message. I’m sure pics like the ones to the right are also popular.

I pretty much have no idea what people post to their stories so for me it’s completely new. Jordan was saying people use it to post a snippet of a cool location they are at. I’m generally using it for any time I’m wasted and feel like wasting 6 seconds of someone’s time. With about 15 friends on my friend list I’m not exactly getting huge exposure but I’m enjoying the short time I’ve had it.

One question I had was I took a with the filter but then is the only way to get it to myself by taking a screen shot?