Lot’s of events in my last few days that I’m not sure how to tackle all the info. I’m going to break it up into segments.

Saturday Bar Crawl

12821332_940025404824_5581807397589014573_nI started at 11am and went too hard, too early and was stumbling home at 5pm. 2 Fat Tires before breakfast, a Sazerac at breakfast, a hard cider and Flying Fish IPA at the Firehouse, Union Jack IPA at Rembrandts, Racer 5 at Urban Saloon, 1 more beer I can’t recollect and then 2 shots of whiskey is where I stopped remembering. I never stood a chance with the setup. What I should have done was ate an early breakfast and then ate lunch at 12 instead of brunch at 11. Doomed to fail from the start and I’m happy I safely completed the day.

Sunday Bowling and Poker

Weens showed up to bowling practice in bad shape. It was him and I and we lost to Evan and Sam in a 2v2. I pounded a pitcher by myself while everyone else was re-hydrating. I was off of 16 hours of sleep so I felt ok. After bowling Evan and I went to play some poker. I played 1-2 and had a few notable hands.

sugarhouse-4-600I called a raise with Q 10 and the flop came JK2. I checked, Irish bro checks, a bro bet 15, I called, Irish popped to 30, call, call. Brilliant Ace on the turn. I masterfully check, Irish goes all in for 100+ and I call and get it in having my opponent drawing dead.

I was dealt KK and called 15 not to lead on that I had a huge hand. A new player in seat 4 makes it 55, 2 guys call, and so do I. In hindsight I probably should have raised AI PF but I had 600 in front of me and didn’t want to run flat into AA. The flop comes Q72. Great flop for KK in my mind. The first player makes it 75 and has about 65 behind. My gut told me he had QQ, and the guy behind me had AA. With 200+ in the pot I couldn’t fold to the 75 bet even knowing that the guy behind me was going to push if he had me beat. I called (once again should have pushed) and shockingly the guy next to me CALLS the 75 too and I thought I was toast at this point and was ready to lose the money. The turn wasn’t a scare card and player 1 bets his last 65 which I begrudgingly call and the other guy folds saying he had JJ. I scooped the pot having no clue what the other guy had but didn’t really care. I played a little while longer hitting everything under the sun but wasn’t getting paid off because I had a 900 in front of me. I walked away with a nice $600 profit and decided to play a tournament.

Sunday Sugarhouse Tournament

I'm running out of pictures.

I’m running out of pictures.

I joined an $85 tournament in the first level because I think it’s easy to get chips against horrible players rather than join late and push fold. I played incredibly tight to start and watched maniac after maniac push with bottom pair and flush draws. I knew my time would come. At the 50/100 level (starting stack is 12k) I made it 250 from the button with A8 suited. The flop came 679. I think it checked around and the turn was a 5. I bet 2,500 and a guy pushed 8k into me which I gladly called and beat his pair of 6’s to double up which was crucial.

sugarhouse-1-1200xx4288-2412-0-218The next few levels went by with little action from me before we got to push fold mode. With a mere 1 double up I got to the final table (started with 30 players). Blinds probably got to around 500/1000 and I was down to 12k. I pushed A6 suited and doubled up against 55 which was a huge boost. Next level I pushed AK and got called by 88 and doubled up to about 40k. This got me down to about 5 players and I started getting short again. I was stealing very infrequently (I also wasn’t picking up hands) so I was getting respect and not getting called light. With 4 left, I made a call on a maniac trying to steal my button with KQ and had him dominated against KT. I won and then called the 3rd place guy with A9 when he had 83 and was down to heads up. I had about 40-50k and the other guy had 260k and I declined any deal. We played heads up and I won a nice hand with A8 vs his K8 and then finished him off with KJ vs his A high for a $1,044 dollar win.

The Work Day From Hell

1719b2f7a25540fa5dbe838f6dbac54eThe tournament ended at around 1am on Sunday night and I had been drinking beer throughout. I woke up on Monday feeling like death. I went to work to find that my dad had inadvertently upgraded to Windows 10. This messed with some of the security features and the accounting software and prevented me from printing on networked computer. This had me on support calls for most of the day trying to figure the problem out. In the meantime I was getting phone calls from the worst kind of customers to go along with my body feeling like a turd. I was here until the last possible minute with people looking for me to next day air them shipments and the like. It was seriously one of the worst days of my existence.

Snakes on a Lane vs Strike You

normalI’m going to add some further info to Sam’s post about our bowling match last night. Our record is 16-12 in 6th place and Strike You is 17-11 in 3rd place. Their team 4player team avg is 783 to our 643. With the people who rolled, we were getting 92 pins. Sam recapped the games fine but I have a few more points to add. They definitely dominated the warm up time. Trevor also shot the 10 pin on his first ball and then threw a strike ball during warm up. They will hit some splits but they rarely missed a single pin which is where we still struggle. I had at least 1 blown 10 pin and 2, maybe 3, 7 pin misses. I also think their experience in late games helps as their anchor was big at the end of games, specifically rolling strikes into the 10th. Either way I think it was a big confidence booster to our team that we can hang with the best bowlers in the league.