Joywave is a band I like. Now is my favorite song by them and even though I got tired of Tongues, I liked it when it was new. They released an album today with the hit song destruction being the 1st track and I was surprised.

551514As I sat doing my work I noticed that Destruction had been playing for a while. I looked at the list and indeed each track was playing. I thought Spotify must be messed up. I went to the trouble of tweeting @joywave, “your songs are all playing the same on Spotify, pretty sure that’s not what you want.” Then I thought that like most tweets I send, I should see if I wanted to send it.

joywaveI looked through the tweets on their wall and I realized this is the way they wanted their album to be. Every track is destruction and the words of the title produce “destruction, why be credible when you can be (part 2) incredible.” Clever.

542FC2AE9B1221009C5EDE9A59FDEB35201528471502I heard an interview on AltNation with Joywave and they wrote how all bands today were utilizing big drum sounds and making chorus’s with people screaming in the background. I’m probably not describing it the way they would if I could listen to their reason again but I’ll summarize it by saying they thought today’s music was a joke. They then came out with this album which is another rebellious move.

This is a prank album with a bigger purpose (of which I’m not sure) behind it obviously. Naming it Swish is also a pretty nice title for anidea you consider a perfect attempt at what you’re accomplishing. However, I was more disappointed than impressed because I wanted to hear their new music. At least I’m writing about them and listening to their old stuff so I guess it worked..