I am a creature of habit. I like what I like and I do what I like the most. This is especially evident in my eating habits. Today I had a major disruption which spurred this post.

348sDunkin Donuts breakfast, a sesame seed bagel and medium coffee, is $4.03. Every day I grab a nickel or 3 pennies from my change so I don’t get .97 cents back. My other option is to tack on a glazed doughnut and the total comes to 4.87 but I view this as unhealthier even though it is delicious when mixed with the coffee. Anyway, Today I went to the register and the total came up at $4.27. I handed 5.03 and received .76 cents. The fuck.

I’ve eat Dunkin pretty much every day because of the breakfast conundrum. As much as I agree that 4 dollars is overpaying for breakfast, I do it strictly for time. If I woke up and cooked myself eggs and sat down and ate them at my home, I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as bringing it to work and reading the WSJ and doing the crossword. It’s one of the few parts of the day that I look forward to on a daily basis. So I don’t mind whatever money it costs for enjoyment. That being said, I know a sesame seed bagel isn’t the healthiest option but it’s better than sausage, egg, and cheese alternatives. The point is, that even though the price was raised and my world was in a tailspin for a day, I’ll have to adapt.


JC likes the corn beef special.

JC likes the corn beef special.

There are tons of places to get lunch from but, like breakfast, location is paramount. I don’t have a work where everyone gets an hour for lunch to do as they please. I imagine corporations leaving for lunch, congregating at a local diner or restaurant, relaxing for an hour, and returning for work. At Stortz, we get lunch, eat for 10 minutes, get back to what we were doing. Most times we pick up sandwiches or get cheese steaks delivered. 3 places are active: Plaza Pizza, Sassafras, and Del Rossi’s.

My personal favorite is Sassafras. There are 3 main menu options I select from which are the turkey club wrap. the honey mustard chicken wrap, and the Jewish hoagie. Based on consistency, the turkey club wrap is my favorite. Every once in a while they’ll go light on the mayo but it’s near perfect taste each time. The honey mustard chicken wrap is at the tip top when the chicken is cooked properly. Every so often it’ll be chewy and it ruins the wrap. The Jewish hoagie, without cole slaw, was my old favorite and I’ll revisit it from time to time but it’s sort of been replaced. With Sassafras I’m also able to get a cherry coke and Mr. Goodbar which I enjoy as well.

Del Rossi's is not quite there.

Del Rossi’s is not quite there.

I’ll lump Plaza and Del Rossi’s into the same boat. I like the cheeseburger deluxe at Plaza and I also think their pizza is pretty good. Jeff gets the turkey burger which I’m pretty sure is rarely a turkey burger. I’ll sometimes get the half chicken but I wouldn’t be shocked if it was a half pigeon. I like Del Rossi’s but the price is a bit high for what they server. The cheese steaks are decent and the fries are much improved. However, for a 2 person delivery, it was over 21 dollars for 2 steaks and 1 order of fries. The chicken parmigiana sandwich and Stromboli is also recommended by me.

This was an easy to write post and I’m not going to get into dinner. Usually the posts that I think are the stupid tend to be the most liked so I’ll go with that.