your-website-sucks-quit-making-excuses-and-fix-itThere will be complaints.  I myself am complaining.  Please understand that I’m not a website developer and I have to trial and error every goddamn setting known to man.  It’ll take some time until I get it right.

The site isn’t showing up properly on mobile.  The yellow background looks like puke.  The fonts are too small and the colors blend in so nothing can be seen.  There’s a stupid thumbtack on the feature image…

To be perfectly honest, I’ve only been working on it an hour and even though I crashed it once with a fucked up plugin, it’s been pretty quick.  I have way more flexiblity over text and size and I still need to decide if I like the continue reading aspect vs the posts all at once.  Any opinion?

I’ll work on correctly some of the aesthetics but this new theme is a step in the right direction.  It will take me some time to get it right though.  Hold tight.  It’ll take at least a few weeks and I’ll blog as usual through it.