I haven’t had a fantasy football post in a while because the season is long and results don’t show themselves within the first few weeks.  A proper analysis is in order.

You don't want to see a group of turkeys coming after you in fantasy football.

You don’t want to see a group of turkeys coming after you in fantasy football.

I’m currently sitting in 1st place in two leagues with a 7-4 record.  Both of these positions are vulnerable however.  In Evan’s league I’m sitting in 2nd with points but people are breathing down my neck. A week 12 loss / clunker will make me right with the rest of the pack moving into the final week.  I’ve been pretty pleased with the position though as I’ve dropped a few key players (who hasnt?) and have been waiver wire scrambling every week.  My 40 moves lead the league as always.  I’ve been extremely confident in Evan’s league in past years but my team this year is going to squeak by, rather than dominate, its way to the championship.  Luck will have to be on my side with Antonio Andrews, Ronnie Hillman, and a new QB every week leading the charge.  ODB and Julio were perhaps the best 1-2 you could ask for this year which is why I am where I am.

My team in Steve’s league is an absolute powerhouse.   A Brady to Gronk combo has me leading the league in points by 100 to the next closest player.  I have Ivory, Martin, J Stew as RBs, and ODB, Cooks, and Allen Hurns as WR’s.  Throw in the best D (Panthers) and this is a solid team.  I fully expect to win the championship with this squad unless Brady and Gronk go goose egg one week.

The other two leagues at this point are essentially meaningless.  Baker’s league and its 25 dollar buy in makes me scan the waiver wire, set a line up, and forget about it.  My team is 6-5 and I’m in the hunt.  The team is Palmer, Ivory, Decker, Rawls, Gronk, and Cooks at this point.  The other league that I’m completely out of is my 10 team, 2 QB league.  I’m 3-8 and have little to say about the season other than my team competed but lost games.  Peyton Manning and Jeremy Hill were colossal let downs which led to my demise.

standingsI want to close with some input on the free auction bid system which I do believe is the fairest way to do waivers because it requires actual strategy opposed to the worst team getting the best pickup.  I was out maneuvered coming into Week 12 and the only person to blame is myself.  I put myself in the position with only have 28 FA dollars in a spot where I needed Buck Allen for a championship push.  You absolutely, positively need RB’s who get all the carries.  No time share BS.  Workhorses that can perform.  I’m much rather have Antonio Andrews (this may change) than Ronnie Hillman.  I know he gets 15-20 carries.  Even if he sucks, he’s the right play over someone who might get 5 carries and turn it into 20 points.  This is how I feel with James White.  I want to play him, but who knows what the Patriots will do.

Back to the FAAB, Adam purposely bid what I had.  This meant that there was no way I could get him.  Did he do it intentionally?  I have no idea but I can’t let myself get in that position.  Thomas Rawls is the donk pick up of the week.  You save all your free agent dollars for the entire year and blow your load on one player who will be replaced when Lynch comes back.  If Lynch doesn’t come back you look like a genius but is Rawls really the reason you spend 20 dollars all season?  It’s important to have money at this point in the season but how much is where the strategy comes in?  Guaranteed another big name player goes down this week and we’ll have one more spot where you need money.  I would have spent my roll on Allen this week but instead have 26 moving into week 12.  Don’t forget, there are weeks 13, 14, and hopefully 15 as well.  Good luck to all who read my entire thoughts on FAAB.  It’s not an aspect of fantasy that should go unnoticed.

It’s cool getting replies from Evan Silva as well.