I went to the DMV today on 8th and Arch to get my updated license. Normally the DMV is filled with long lines but I was in and out within 5 minutes. I went at 11:45am on a Monday if anyone wants to file that away. I was only in there a short amount of time but one irate customer was berating a security guard telling him to come outside and that he’s a joke authority figure. It was cruel.
Here is what 4 years looks like.


First and foremost, I think I look better as I’ve gotten older. Perhaps it’s the lighting and better technology but my 31 year old self is more distinguished than that little guy in the first pic. You can’t tell but I use my parents address as my actual address so I don’t have to pay city rates on auto insurance. Notice too that I never lost my license in 4 years which is remarkable. Also signing my name Tom when it says Thomas is pretty bonehead.  I’m also fairly certain I’m 5-11.