kat1[dropcap background=”yes” color=”#333333″]2[/dropcap] Broke Girls is now being prominently shown on TBS using Kat Dennings breasts as magnets.  There is an actual commercial that focuses strictly on her boobs.  Like, up close.  Full zoom.  I’m pretty sure it’s intentional.  There should also be a study to see if they have their own gravitational pull.

This is hardly newsworthy except I’ve found myself checking in to 2 Broke Girls even the show itself is not very good.  The laugh track is unbearable and the jokes are too PG for my humor.  Even though I know I don’t like the show, I still subconsciously look for snippets of what I can only believe are Kat Dennings breasts.

kat_dennings_1343790968_460x4602 Broke Girls is the anti-porn.  With internet porn being readily available for well over a decade, people are open to new ideas such as clothed breasts.  Hiring actors with big breasts is hardly new (Sofia Vergara on Modern Family, Kaley Cuoco in Big Bang, Rachel in Friends ((her’s might not have been overly big but they were accentuated at every moment)), but this show is embracing and promoting it.  Jokes are structured around her boobs.

cbs-2011-2-broke-girlsI’ve seen hundreds of boobs but her’s are magical because they have never been exposed and the show keeps them hidden behind that uniform.  My brain keeps trying to picture them and it truly racks the mind.   It’s the brilliance behind this show.  Her character on the show is also a bitch which may also upgrade her.  Her co-star is undoubtedly the hotter actress but doesn’t contain as much sex appeal (although her legs are killer).

My mom watches this show and enjoys it for different reasons than myself.  She actually thinks it’s a good show (which it very well may be) but I just watched Fargo last night and we’re in different stratospheres of what makes a good show.  My belief is this show only exists, and does well, because of Kat’s boobs.  Not her face.  Not her acting.  Just her boobs.  They steal the show.

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