If this isn’t the definition of “sex sells” than I must be from a different planet.  Plus where the hell did those boobs come from?

Here’s the kick, she isn’t selling anything! She’s just a hot 19 year old who has this sick body and tortures the internet with tempting pictures. What is her goal here?

  • To stay relevant because she has no talent after gymnastics.
  • Setting herself up for her sex tape.
  • Being a naive 19 year old who doesn’t think men are cranking it to her.

Is she the mastermind behind this or is someone telling her what to do?  I just can’t imagine a 19 year old, silver medal vaulter, saying, “hmmm, I’m going to tease the internet with a picture where I’m bent over showing as much cleavage as possible. (insert cute, diabolical laugh)”  I just can’t put the pieces together.  She’s also always tweeting about church and her righteous morals, so, yeah…

Seriously, though, what a babe.