Stortz Paint Scrapers

The Stortz Paint Scraper Display

Where to start.   Last Friday I was in Doylestown trying to sell paint scrapers.  Yesterday I was in Lancaster making the same efforts.  To the right is what our new scraper set up looks like.  It used to be a blade on a stick so it’s a vast improvement.

A power surge blew out the power at our work and 2/3rd of the building has no juice.   This means life has been in the dark at work as we do the best we can to get by.   One of the downsides of working out of a building that is 200 years old.

Whenever I get in crunch for time I tend to write about what I’ve been doing rather than a real post.  I made a valiant attempt at that soccer post.  That probably took me near 3 hours but it’s fun to write and I learn so I’m not complaining.  The Brookes comment was classic too.  TLDR means too long, didn’t read.  I actually read the whole comment and I agree completely in the promotion and relegation.  Loved the Sixers analogy because it hits close to home.

oil-patternsShee and I also bowled last night in a 6 game sprint.  It cost 13 bucks and we finished in an hour and 15 minutes.  He averaged a 165 and I was 155.  I learned a valuable lesson though that I never knew so exact.  The lane is 60 feet and the first 42-45 feet are oiled.  This allows the ball to spin in the oil without gripping the lane.  Once it grips, it starts hooking harder.  This means that after you bowl a few games, your ball starts getting oily and you track oil closer to the pins which reduces the cut into the pocket. Hence, why I will be bringing a towel next time I play.

Polaroid-cameraI don’t have the time to accomplish the tasks I’d like to.  I started Jobs the biography.  I’m still working my Photoshop with  This study makes me want to buy a camera and work with my own original images.  German has been put on hold even though I’m moving another visit up on my list and I have to do a better job with the communication.   I’d also recommend Better Call Saul and Togetherness as TV shows.

I’ve been listening to the Smiths a lot.  If you’ve never heard the song below I suggest listening to it and giving me a song that’s better and I’ll thumbs up or down it.  This is another idea I have in the works is grading songs.  For instance, Stairway to Heaven might be a top 50 song.  Wonderwall might be a top 10,000 song.  Stay by Lisa Loeb is a top 10.  It’s a fun way to critique.