The Dude abides. Here are our text messages before a career game.

Bowling Screenshot

Bowling 2

Bowling 5

Bowling 3

That set up 3 person bowling at Facenda Whitaker. I brought my shammy cloth to wipe off the oil of the house ball.

originalFarva: What’s this?
[playing with cloth]
Rabbit: A chamois cloth.
Farva: Ha. Lucky guess. I just lost a buck. To myself.

Big Wevs came out of retirement throwing the dice ball and won the first game. The Dude took game 2 rolling a 225. I even added the pic on Instagram using the caption “rolling a casual 225 on a Thursday night”. I was pretty proud of myself besting my old high of 214.

Wevs took game 3 by ousting the Wads with 2 strikes in the 10th. This set up the magical 4th game. The Dude opened frame 1. Hardly ridden with negative feelings that the game was lost, the Dude rolled 8 straight strikes. Wevs has the video which I’ll try to get. I spared the 10 and striked my final ball for a 258. Career high and admiration from the entire alley. Especially the HIGH school stoners next to us.

A 258 game

The party ensued afterward and now I sit waiting for my next opportunity for a perfect game. Hilarious text after it happened.

Bowling 4

The 258 is a bit below an ace in golf but still a decent accomplishment. I had a few Jersey’s in the run so it was hardly ideal but I’ll take it. I finished 6 games with a 185 avg, the Wads was 173, and the Wevs dropped to a 155 after barely breaking 100 his last game due to thumb concerns. Also noted was Wads losing the first 5 games and being down 30 bucks and coming through in the final game with a 200+ to break even.