Today was the first day I put in time serving my community towards the 25 hours I must do before February 9th. I was only able to put in 3 hours but at least it was a start. I’m working at a guild house in the Fairmount area mostly doing landscaping work. I’m working with a girl fresh out of college who is looking to go to med school and serves at the guild house’s communication with any volunteers. Not surprisingly, I’m the only one for this winter portion. This actually works out fairly well considering I force her to take on projects that would most likely be put off to some other time. Today I spent my time shoveling grass out of a 3′ x 20′ bed that will be turned into an asparagus garden. The work was fairly straight forward even for a gardening dolt like myself. It was pretty much how I expected it to go.

I think the bigger picture of this exercise is giving back to the community, something that I rarely do. Sure I’ve run the big shoe game with Jkash at a Ronald McDonald facilty, or walked for a cure with my fraternity back in the day but for the most part, I don’t partake. I suppose there is something fulfilling about working for a better cause even if it’s only so a guild house can eat asparagus. I still have 22 hours to go in the next 3 weeks so I may grow tired of it by then but for the most part, it was a worthwhile exercise.