I’d say I had an above average weekend even though my body isn’t exactly agreeing with that sentiment. On Friday I hung out with Laura and Brookes which was good conversation. Saturday I watched some Walking Dead’s and then spent some time with the Shee. We met up with the Baker crew and headed to Cavanaugh’s and then the Irish Pub. I don’t really see a need to get into the exact specifics of my every move but it was still a pretty good time.

On Sunday I woke up and headed to Millers in Willow Grove to watch football with Bud and Ck4. I’d say the experience was more than enjoyable and that is excluding the fantasy playoff match up between Bud and I which proved to be 1st (or 2nd) best game of the year. Before we started I said it was going to be close and it literally came down to whether Matthew Stafford could get it done in the last few minutes (he couldn’t). I also won my playoff game in Steve’s league but lost in the pro league which has me down to 2. I won a 5 man 50 dollar fanduel, got 2nd in 10 dollar 10 man and still have some chances in a 55 dollar, 555 man which has me in about 200th place with 2 guys to go in Andre Johnson and Hernandez. I was spot on with the Seahawks defense which is giving me a nice week.
Other than that, things are shaping up another week.