It’s 4:25 and I’m still at work on a Friday which is just absurd. In one sense it’s good because I have plenty of things going on that keep me busy but on the other it’s 4:25 on a Friday. I know there are people out there who work till 5 everyday on Friday and are bitching about me bitching. However, that is the reality of the situation. I will write though that I don’t have much to write about. As the owner of this blog it’s up to me to come up with material and when I don’t have any, and I haven’t wrote for 2 days or so, you get posts like this. It’s basically putting something up so I don’t feel guilty about going 3-4 days without posting because weekends aren’t typically high post days for me. As a completely random thought, I’m starting to question this no-shave November because I’m put in professional situations from time to time and my opinion is that no facial hair is most professional. Now considering I wear a hooded sweatshirt to work most days you wouldn’t think that would be an issue but I still question it. I’ll update a picture in short time so you can see how a real man grows facial hair compared to Sam’s crustache.