You’ll notice I’ve been using song titles (that you probably don’t know) as my blog titles. This one by Glenn Frey and appropriately titled. On Monday, Jeff and I rented a Uhaul and moved our belongings into the city. We got the Uhaul around 12 and were completely finished by 4. We just completely got the job done in quick fashion. Thanks to Evan for his help. Here is what we have so far.

We went out to eat at Finnigan’s the first night to watch the football games because we didn’t have cable and were literally the only people there. The food was pretty terrible too. We stopped by Steve’s after that just to hang out. After getting cable yesterday I went for a run on the Benjamin Franklin bridge which I’ve never done before. It was pretty sweet and then I ran a bit more around Rutgers. After that we grabbed a few cases and had a few beers before meeting up with a few of Jeff’s friends at Fox and Hound. Apparently it was college night and it was fairly packed. Certainly some potential for future Tuesdays. That brings us to today and I’m looking to continue doing things and living life. This is what the city brings to you. Stay tuned for more adventures.