Another night of doing virtually nothing, (aside from watching the pilot of Twin Peaks which I found entertaining and will continue to watch the series) (I also find it funny that the sentence about Twin Peaks could be a clause with commas after nothing and after the last word rather than a parentheses but it seems much easier to just parentheses any thought process I have. I was never taught that this was a correct way of writing but just decided this on my own) I came to the conclusion that people do crazy things out of boredom. How many nights can you just wake up, work, play some basketball, and then bro out. Eventually you’re going to say “I’m tired of this, lets go bong 10 beers and then light piles of shit on Ian McGrath’s parents house.” Doing nothing isn’t satisfying. Doing nothing isn’t living. It’s just wasting time. The sun is the same, in a relative way, but you’re older. Shorter of breath, and one day closer to death. Boredom is perhaps the main reason people do stupid shit. Starvation and drugs probably top the list but boredom can’t be that far behind. Tonight however will be different.