Sam informed me that Bob Ryan was going nuts how the offensive charge was ruining basketball. I wasn’t aware of this when I told him that I had the same thought. I haven’t heard anything Bob Ryan said but in the past week I’ve watched more basketball than the past 10 years combined and this was my conclusion. I do want to say that I do believe that there should be a charging call but I think that a no call should be the desired result.

I agree that an out of control offensive player barreling down the lane and slamming a set defensive player is charging. I don’t feel like a player who has released the ball and is falling into a defensive player can be considered a charge. I also think the defensive player flops half the time anyway. Meaning that if there isn’t enough force to create a charge, it should be a no call. No calls will prevent defensive players from flopping and you’ll create a line where flopping becomes too risky. As is, players just fall down whenever there is any contact and the refs are too stupid to not blow their whistles. This needs to be corrected.