2 baseball posts in a row… the world must be ending. The Phillies just lost their 6th game in a row and the uncertainty is starting to become a certainty. What spawned this post was actually a sentence I read in the Inquirer before today’s game. This isn’t verbatim but it went something like “to make matters worse, Freddy Galvis went down.” HAHAHAHAHA. If Freddy Galvis getting hurt makes things worse, then your team is god awful. He is hitting .226 with 3 homers and him getting hurt shouldn’t make a difference to your success. That being noted, I can’t wait to see how Phillies fans react to the team sucking. I want to see all those band wagon fans cheer their team who is going to be dead last 100 games into the season. I know that there are legit Phillies fans out there but you bet your last dollar I’m keeping an eye on the attendance at home games because I’ve known for a long time how false Phillie fans are. It begins.