Tonight is one of the few weekend nights I will spend completely sober. I will be racing in the Frostbite 5 miler in Ambler tomorrow and I trained somewhat for this race. Running is such a weird “sport” because the only thing you have to worry about is staying in shape. You can’t make up for running with skill. It’s strictly how good of shape your in and how hard you can push your body. What I’ve found interesting in these past few weeks is that I was in my best shape 3 weeks ago and the times I was running this past week weren’t as good. I can’t explain it because I’ve been consciously aware of this date to be in peak performance. Nevertheless, I think that diet comes into play sometimes when you eat something unhealthy, go for a run, and are disappointed because you didn’t think you were where you thought you should be. There’s no reason I shouldn’t be in as good as shape as 3 weeks ago but that’s just how it feels. It won’t really matter though because I know I’m going to run a strong 5 miles and whether it blows 29 minutes out of the water or I barely break 30, I’ll be somewhere in that range. I’m excited to see because it’s such a question mark in my mind of how good of shape I’m in. Things like “should I eat this doughnut” are popping into my mind like it will really make a difference.

The other thing to note was the unbelievable event that is called the Broad Street Run. I knew registration started at 10am and I sat there patiently as thousands of other runners would be signing up at the same time. It took me about a half hour to complete the registration while I probably waited 5 minutes on each screen. 30,000 runners signed up in a 5 hour period which is just incredible for a race. I feel bad for anyone who wants to do this and has no idea what type of event it has become. It’s the biggest 10 miler in the country which gives the race some prestige. I missed it last year but hopefully will turn 12′ into a PR.