I sometimes read into punctuation a little too closely. There are some people who just liberally throw around exclamation marks and it becomes hard to understand exactly what is meant. For instance, I was emailing the president of a company asking about a display I had set up in his store. He wrote back “It’s EXTREMELY early to be making a judgement call!” This just screamed to me that he thought I didn’t think my product was right for his store which was completely not the impression I was giving off but this is how I took this comment. Then I wrote something like I was happy for the opportunity yada yada and in his response his closing was something like “See you then!”. So once I saw this I realized that he just throws around exclamation points and they don’t have the same effect as if I were to use an exclamation point. So me thinking he was yelling or exclaiming was really just him being normal. Without understanding this could potentially lead to poor decisions by me if I’m not interpreting the situation correctly. Just a thought for all those exciting people.