When it gets really cold out like it is today, I think staying underneath a warm blanket is amazing. I went to sleep at around midnight and accidentally woke up at 3am and I this was such a good feeling knowing that I could stay warm for the next 4 hours. I even got lucky and accidentally woke up again at 5:45. It really makes you not want to get out of bed when the temperature outside is under 30 and the warmth of a comforter has to be close to 80 degrees.

We did go bowling last night which was a change from the usual. I think I averaged a 130 or so but the Wevs was dominant with a 160 average and taking my money in 4 straight games. This was also coming off a beating I took from the Shee in ping-pong where he probably won 8 of 9 or so. I don’t make excuses and he plays me pretty smart by keeping it away from my forehand and making me play defensive. I think they are really good games though and I don’t think I find much more enjoyment out of random table games.

Another week has come and gone and life is just passing by one day at a time.