After watching Tuesday’s episodes I’ve come to the conclusion that the show is not what it once was. Previously I’ve given reasons for why the show is fake but this is a new feeling. I dislike how things have a set-up feel to them. Barry finding that magicians head trick was such an act. The producers decided to throw that trick into a locker so that they could use the magicians store scene as filler for the show. It’s hokey. They first do a trick where they make Barry’s car disappear and then he has to open the door with a magic word. Also the telescope was strange too. Barry bids on a locker, wins it and then decides to sell it to Darrell at a loss? Darrell amazingly sees this bronze piece which the camera was sure to focus in on while the unit was selling. The bronze piece turns out to be a telescope and there just happens to be one store that specializes in telescopes. Unless that guy is willing to buy it, I’m pretty sure he’s not getting hundreds of dollars for it.

I’m really not trying to rag on the show because it’s technically where most of my traffic comes from. Well actually it’s not the show so much as people googling “Storage Wars Fake” and “Brandi Passante Stripper” but I have to tell it like it is. Reality to me has always been what I like to watch. The first few episodes made me feel this way. This new season seems to me like they are trying too hard to “make a show.” This is where I think the producers are missing the point. They are trying to entertain but what they don’t realize is that the reality is the entertainment. Not Barry visiting a magic store. The live bidding, they untapped lockers, the fights between characters. I’m not sure if it got lost or what but something seems amiss.