Feature image is definitely not a holding pattern. This is what happens when Photoshop gets in the wrong hands.

I haven’t had the time to blog the past two days with work being busy and then bowling last night. I had 4 posts over the weekend which gets people expecting more posts but it’s not feasible to crank out posts like that. I’m going to end up with about 20 for the month which is on the low side, I’ll try to pick it up.

Traffic has been higher than normal with a consistent 300+ people a day. The most realistic stats that I can get from analytics is under behavior / site content/ all pages and then see how many people land on the home page. It’s about 30+ people a day which I think is my core audience. Obviously I’d like that to grow as my website continues to improve.

You can see from the title that my life is in a holding pattern, even though I decided to create a plane crashing into the Grand Canyon. I’m using Photoshop a ton at work but it’s only cutting out stupid tools. Never any fun. What I mean by holding pattern is that the days are going by and I’m living life right, but not much is happening. Work is great. I’m in great shape. I have few, if any, serious problems but I’m not exactly grabbing life by the balls. When I do grab it, I tend to pay the consequences. So I’m making a varying effort in playing it a bit closer to the vest and seeing how that fairs. Pretty boring.

I have a few music posts lined up that I like. I have some religious thoughts that may be of interest. Brookes and I like the topic of the ocean. I can’t do much with sports with no cash in my Bovada account. I haven’t been drinking so nothing is happening to write about. Time to get a girlfriend so I can bore the shit out of her too.