We suffered a lost last night in bball which puts us at 7-2 for the season. It was a pretty hard fought game and I think we were lucky to be as close as we were. CK4 told me to use the word abysmal to describe our performance. Aside from Bud, no one played very well and we pretty much got beat by a decent team who played man defense and didn’t let us get a lot of easy shots. If any of the other teams read my blog then I just exposed how to beat our team. There weren’t too many other exciting events during the game as we were playing from behind most of the game. I think we got it down to 4 at one point with 30 seconds or so and we just couldn’t get it done. I don’t really have anything else to write about because I haven’t been feeling great and am just really dehydrated. When you stick your tongue out and it’s got this white substance covering it, that’s the #1 sign of dehydration and until that goes away, you’re going to feel shitty.