This title is much less aggressive than what I was going to name it which only Sam and Rock would know. Be thankful I didn’t but know it was a good title although slightly racist and inappropriate. Ask me in person and I’ll tell you.

22600I’ve been to Chicago a few times but never to only get drunk and watch college basketball. Sam and I got there around 5 and immediately went to Timothy O’Tooles to watch the basketball games. Little Rock overcoming Purdue in the high altitude got us started off on the right foot but we ended up on the left. Sam buying a Magners, “the beer” in a different type of can, was humorous as I knew he was going to do it when he asked me if I saw the other type of beer in the tub.

After that we ate some local food, played some pool, and met up with the Rock who is the 3rd member of our group. It was his birthday and neither Sam or I knew which I realized the day after. Whoopsie. We called Thursday an early night with Sam seemingly falling asleep at the bar.

20160318_095248Friday we woke up relatively early and ate breakfast before a rapper on the street called Sam a “handsome mutherfucker”. He said to pay him what his rhymes were worth and I gave him a dollar. We visited the Bean and the Pier before going to Joe’s to watch the 11:15am games. Joes was ho-hum and we went to Wrigleyville after to bar hop. After some hopping we went up to the 96th floor of the Hancock tower to have an expensive drink and watch the clouds. We ate dinner at Melnicks where conversation headed into the downfall of society. The night proceeded into the Hubbard Inn where Sam had a U of Cincinnati girl flip him off for dissing her squard. Sam and I went to Howl at the Moon which was worse than the one in Philly to cap off our night.


Actually the previous day but these vertical pics are killing me.

The next day Norman? started us heading to the Flagship which I’d rate as my highlight. The bartenders were friendly and the atmosphere was great to watch a game. DJ on point too. Sam and I were aggressively drinking as I an-hero’d about 6 beers and 3 shots. We left while it was still light out but I have no idea the time. The nutjob Uber driver gave us some good tips while I tindered my way into embarrassment. We went to Gibson’s for a drink and then the Dinosaur. At this point my day starts getting a little black….

22522…..and then I woke up. Sunday we didn’t have a flight until 5pm which Sam and I barely made. All in all it was a great trip that involved betting on about 20 basketball games and drinking about 50 beers. No one got mad at each other and it was friendly and fun the entire time. Til next time.