This post has been stewing for a while.

My last post about Fuller House is a prime example of posting to post. When I don’t post, it means I have nothing to write about. I went 3 days without a post and felt like I was letting the blog down. I watched Fuller House with the sole intent to write about it and that doesn’t make a good post. That’s doing a job.

I even published the piece without proofreading. I watched the episode and instead of taking notes I said I’d remember my good thoughts. I had at least 3 better than what I published thoughts and by the time I was done writing (and forgetting) it, I said, “who really cares about this pointless show?”

I didn’t care. My brain went to the fact that I’m alive during this age and in this spot right now. What if you were born around the bombings in Syria? The anaconda grip of North Korea? The starvation and corruption in Africa. I couldn’t have been born in a safer environment vs the other 90% of the world. Maybe 85%. I don’t think it’s quantifiable but America is probably the top destination and I grew up well off. Why did I get so lucky? Things are becoming much more real as I look at a global perspective.

There are 7 billion people on this planet. You aren’t unique. You are 1 out of 7 billion. Do you ever think about that?  You were 1 of 25 in Kindergarten. 1 of 1,200 in high school. 1 of 35,000 in college. 1 out of 350 million in the USA.  1 out of 7 billion is unheard of. This idea is foreign to many people. The circle of life has been around for a long time which starts to put the vast amount of time vs the vast amount of people in perspective.

People die. I was going to do a post on celebrity deaths and came up with Ryan Dunn and Brandon Lee (Bruce Lee’s son) as dying way too young but there is no purpose to post it. Why is it that celebrities are huge draws? I go to reddit and view the celebrity tab instead of the normal people tab. Celebrities are the best of what they do. Think about the 7 billion number again. Most people are not celebrities. Most people work to make money and figure it out from there. I love the movie Office Space because it puts that into perspective. I could explain that viewpoint as well as Mike Judge and Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston who never got as good a role) because it was a precise depiction of cube monkey. This last topic caught me rambling and I can’t tie this paragraph to my last one.

Think about Jesus for a second. Jesus happened around the year 33. Does that seem strange to anyone? 2,000 years ago, the son of God walked the Earth.  The Earth is 4.5 billion years old and our civilization worship’s a character from 2,000 years ago.  I believe the best word to describe faith is agnostic. Atheist is believing there is no god, agnostic leaves the possibility. It’s nice to have God or Jesus of Buddha or whoever people worship nowadays to live a straighter, more purposeful, life. In the end though, I’m not sure it’ll make much difference.