fuller-house-1024Out of sheer curiosity, I watched the premiere of Fuller House on Netflix. It was 36 minutes long and I stomached the entire episode. My biggest complaint was the laugh track. Unbearable. It’s non-stop throughout the whole episode and I counted 1 good joke the entire show (seaman from Uncle Jesse). The show will focus on DJ, Steph, Kimmy, and a bunch of new characters who are family members. Even if Danny, Jesse, Joey, and Becky were cast in the show as prime time characters, it would still be bad.

jodisweetinYou can’t create a show on the expectation that the old show was good so people will automatically like a new show with similar characters 29 years later. The new show referenced the old show about a dozen times and it wasn’t funny. Bob Saget looked old, out of shape, and wasn’t the spick and span Danny Tanner. Joey was the same way. Jesse and Becky looked like they hadn’t aged a bit. DJ looked good and I applaud her effort to carry a show on her own but it won’t work. Steph got bazookas and seems well rounded for her meth addicted past. Kimmy looks fine but her character is lame. The new kids are annoying, especially Alex and Nicky.

With all the good TV out there. This is not a show to invest time in.