After a few day hiatus I decided to make a post. I just got too wasted on Saturday night and was writing about it and decided that I was tired of writing about the same BS, so I took a few days off to recover. I’m feeling perfectly fine again and will continue this blog as usual. Just to update on a few things that have happened to me in the past few days. My keychain broke and I moved my key to another chain. Since I have two keys, I unwittingly placed the spare key on the new chain and now my car automatically moves the seat to the settings set on the spare and it’s been a complete hassle. When I find my driving settings with perfect mirror views and seat adjustments, I get highly annoyed when it shifts. Also in the parking lot today, I was making a left hand turn after a stop sign and this bitch in her BMW, babbling on her blackberry almost blasted the back of my beauty of a TL. This was the closest to an accident I’ve probably ever been and it was a cowboy move by me but she should have applied the brakes once she saw what I was doing. I’ve read that people texting while driving are more dangerous than drunk drivers and I probably believe it.

I wish I had more to write about but after I wrote that I wasn’t happy with my weekend and I was going to cease posts, I got some texts and bbm’s concerned that I must have fucked up again, which wasn’t the case. I’m still walking a tight rope but I’m hoping to come around. Apparently at the bar I was making out with some girl (a grenade most likely) and Evan found me on a stoop somewhere along the walk home with my head between hands. This is what caused me to re-evaluate things and say that taking away this blog would act as a punishment to me acting like a buffoon. But naturally come mid-week I’m feeling good and in good spirits once again. I ran 12 miles in 1 hour 15 minutes which was around 6:15 splits. This was about 2 minutes faster then where I was in April so I’m expecting a good time come mid September for the Philly Distance Run. I’ve been waking up early and have had some good days at work so I will keep at this blog and hopefully gain back the daily readers with more updates. My golf game is coming around late in the season as well. I was 42 on the front last Saturday (should have been 40) and finished with a back of 49 but had so many missed opportunities that if I could just keep it together for a full 18 I should be mid to low 80’s. I’m really just happy to be well and will live these next few days the best I can.