Long weekend complete.

Pretty successful all around as I don’t feel like death today and kept myself out of trouble.  No need to rehash every minute so I’ll post a few highlights.

    • I’ll win some DraftKings money this week which will be the 2nd or 3rd time of the year.  I put up 174 and still have Gary Barnidge to play.  If he scores 10, I estimate I’ll win 60 for the week which will make up minor headway on the 500 I’m down for the season.
    • 1335923360_brokeI was all in twice this weekend in my sports betting account which occurred due to poor BR management.  I bet 100 on the Eagles and then 150 on the Cowboys.  I luckily won a Bears bet to get my account to 100 and then the Sixers on Friday night to get it to 150.  I lost a 4 teams teaser on Sunday getting 3 of 4 correct but closed with the Seahawks and Broncos which has me back to 150 and down 150 for the weekend which I’m ecstatic at.  I’m sure I’ll find some more action tonight.
    • ChessSetI got back into chess which keeps me entertained.  I played to a 1075 and hope to get back 1100 and up to 1200 which is the highest I’ve ever been.  If anyone ever wants to play me, rnningfool on chess.com.
    • Sam tweeted about JC’s bullseye which had to be the highlight of the Thanksgiving.

  • My fantasy teams went 2-1 with one game pending against the Shee.  I’m a dog currently but I’d be hard pressed to say I have zero chance.  Shee’s fate will depend on the moves of Buck Allen and the arm of Josh McKown.  Should be fun.  Either way it appears I’ll be sending 3 teams to playoffs in 4 leagues which I can’t complain about.
  • CVCH4I2U8AEQMqWI had an unusual situation in a league where I changed my team name to “you’re not in first” and my logo to mock my opponent.  He took is personal and started an attack.  Not only did it make him care about his team which has little realistic chance of making the playoffs but it just got awkward because each one of my subsequent name changes and logo changes was misconstrued.  Either way it looks like I’ll win the game and I can move on from this and learn that some people take team name changes to heart which I didn’t expect.