So I had a good week. Good week at work. Good week exercising. Good week all around. Now’s the time to not fuck it up by doing something stupid. I’m engaging in some strict guidelines to make this weekend work. No drinking till at least 8 o’clock. My pregames can sometimes begin as early as 4pm and that usually leads to blackout nights. Now I am certainly capable of downing enough alcohol starting at 8 to get blackout drunk, that’s not in question, but the pace to drink at before going out to the bar is to be moderated. No double rum and cokes. Strictly beer as the double’s lead to blackouts. No walking home. Taxi’s only and there should be no injuries or any difficulties in getting home. This is my first weekend back back and I need to take certain precautions in not making a mess of myself.

I intend to go back home, go for a nice run in this cooled off weather, and then shower and relax. I told my sister we could get together for dinner and then go to a Phillies?! game which was something different. Now that I documented it I have to make it happen. I’m really coming along nicely after some poor decisions that led to a few rough weeks. I think I bounced back pretty nicely after whining and complaining for a few days there.

Just so this post isn’t all about me talking myself up, I want to write about a quote that Steve Guttenburg was saying throughout a party down episode “no risk, no reward.” The more I think about this saying, the more I believe in it. If you never go for it, you never know if you can get it. All of this nonsense about what will happen if this happens and I feel really strongly about this but if that… Life is too short to be worried about all the aftermath. I want to worry about the aftermath when it arrives, not before. Bring on the problems because I’m like Winston Wolf from Pulp Fiction. People get too strung out over things and they keep mulling it over until it gets beaten to death and nothing happens. From now on when something isn’t right and you don’t know what to do, instead of doing nothing, do something. No risk, no reward. I suggest you watch that Party Down episode too because it’s a good one.