FS_CautionSlipperyWhenWet__08458.1332953704.1000.1000I heard this title during some porn. ANYWAY, while I was going to Wawa today an unusual course of events happened. So I’m pretty psyched about the 2 for 3 sizzli deal and I picked up 2 sausage and cheese croissants when I entered. I knew this wasn’t the best idea because carrying 2 sizzli’s around made it difficult to do other things. I got a 16oz coffee successfully and then wanted to purchase 2 Nantucket Nectars because they are 2 for $2.22. Unfortunately other people are aware of this deal and they were all sold out except for the Orange Mango which I didn’t want. I settled on 2 for $3 32oz Gatorades (Glacier Freeze if you were curious) and as I was going to pick one up with my already crowded hands, I dropped it. Wouldn’t you know but it drops exactly on the cap and opens up unloading liquid all over the floor. This doesn’t happen instantly but I was able to stop it with about half way of the liquid leaving. I didn’t know what to do and felt like an idiot so I put the messed up one back on the shelf and successfully took 2 away. There was a slippery when wet sign already in the area so I added to the its relevance.  Cool story bro.