I enjoy everything more on the surface. The idea of being a scientist and dissecting an organism down to the very last molecule doesn’t excite me in the least. I’d rather know how a million things kind of work opposed to knowing the ins and outs of only a few things. I always seem to be let down be the details.

I know this has been pretty vague so far so I’ll try to give a few examples. When I went for a run today, I pass a bunch of neighborhoods with houses. As I run by each house I get curious about the specifics of every lifestyle that goes on in it. Is the guy with the beat up Ford truck envious of his neighbor with two BMW’s? Does Old Man Winters get pissed that his neighbors basketball found its way on his immaculate lawn? As I kept running I passed an older gentlemen and we both waved to each other and I started wondering what type of running regime he has put in place for himself. Is this his once a week jog or is he dedicated to getting in shape? When I pass a corn field I start thinking how cool it would be to play manhunt among the stalks. The issue with all of these thoughts is that the answer isn’t nearly as amusing as entertaining the thought. Once you actually do find out these things, they suck. The mystery is gone. That’s why my brain leads me to believe that everything on the surface is more attractive than knowing the details.

I have to believe that the details are what strengthen relationships and makes them stick. Once you start getting to know something you start becoming emotionally attached. I haven’t bought into this idea and that’s perhaps why I lead a very emotionless life. My thought is that if you don’t get too involved, you won’t get hurt. This reminds me of the MIB scene with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.

Jay: You know what they say. It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
Kay: Try it.

I’m sure a psychologist would use the phrase, “you’re putting up a wall.” I would reply, “Only until I choose to knock it down.”