YahooRevelation after revelation about the shooting death of Odin Lloyd has appeared to tighten the net around former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez. However, defense attorneys with experience in both high-profile criminal cases and murder investigations caution against passing swift public judgment on Hernandez’s fate.

Why? Because of a simple phrase we’ve all heard so many times it’s become rote: innocent until proven guilty.

This case is absurd. Carlos Ortiz, who prosecutors say was with Hernandez when Odin Lloyd was killed, told cops he was informed by the second alleged accomplice that “Mr. Hernandez admitted to shooting Mr. Lloyd.”

I have no idea why this case is taking so long. If Hernandez was anyone else who didn’t just sign a contract for 40 million dollars, he’d be locked away for life. I’ve been following this case somewhat closely and all evidence points to Hernandez. The murder took place near his house, the car at the scene was the car he rented, he had problems with the victim, he destroyed his surveillance, he’s had a history of violence in the past, and he did it. The guy who was with him said he did it. Is it possible this guy Carlos Ortiz did it? He’d have to be a mastermind and I have a feeling he’s not. I see where there could be reasonable doubt that someone else in the car pulled the trigger but SOMEONE IN THAT SUV PULLED THE TRIGGER. It was most likely Aaron Hernandez who was shutting up someone who knew something about a double murder that AARON HERNANDEZ WAS ALSO INVOLVED IN. This guy fucking did it. Put him away for life. If he gets a Ray Lewis, this system is flawed.

Not many things bother me but this particular case does. He can’t get off here for being famous and having money. Normal people wouldn’t be able to work the system like this. Aaron Hernandez is a thug who needs to be taught a lifetime lesson. I’m not a detective but from what I’ve read, it doesn’t take much to put the pieces together. Reasonable doubt my ass. The fact they can’t find the murder weapon is even more proof he did. The fact that he hid the proof IS THE PROOF. He fucking did it. Stick it to him.