Not really but I am at work typing this post up. Yesterday was a relatively reserved day and I didn’t really mind it at all. I was out til 1am on Wednesday night, although completely sober, and woke up at 6:45 yesterday morning for the Gobble Wobble. I ate 2 pancakes, took a nice morning dump, and felt pretty good for the race. I met up with CK4 and Nikkii and did some marginal warming up for the race. We bumped into the eventual race winner pre-race, Mike Paul, and got to hear how a person talks before a race he’s going to win. It was the first time I’ve run the course and it had some identity to it. I crossed the first mile in 5:15 which I knew was fast but wasn’t sure what to expect. The 2nd mile was mainly uphill and my two mile mark was 11:30. I felt fine but haven’t really been training any hills (mostly just on a treadmill) and my legs sort of felt like Jello. The hills just took any type of speed out of my legs and I finished the race in just under 18 minutes. Obviously I had higher expectations but I can’t change what happened. Ck4 finished in under 28 which I thought was a nice improvement over previous races but proved to be a minute slower than his Phil’s race. I believe the course is the main reason for this.

After that we did some typical thanksgiving things that you can read about in Sam’s blog if you want to know. I had some action on the Lions straight up which proved close but wrong. I also lost on the Cowboys vs the Redskins. That had me down 125 going into the night game and I just decided to bet 150 on the Patriots over which fortunately covered. I’m up +158 for the entire season starting week 1. Considering I make bets on college bball, fball, NBA, and anything else that strikes me I think that it’s quite remarkable to be up after 3 months of action. I went home last night and got a good nights rest which leaves me in pretty good shape for the real weekend. Addasheee hit a 3 team parlay which I’m sure he’s sitting at work now not working thinking what he’s going to be on next.