I’m not as die hard as some but I have a pretty good knowledge about the game of basketball and want to take a few moments to explain why the Sixers are destined to come up short this season without any major changes. I’m going to give an evaluation of each player in order of importance and then sum up why they won’t win the championship.

The Sixers have lost 6 of their last 8 and they’ve played some decent teams out West (Clippers, Spurs, Mavs, TWolves, and Grizzlies). This has been a little bit of a rough stretch on their otherwise strong record of 20-13. Problem is they are beating the teams they are supposed to beat and losing to the better teams. Let’s look into the make up.

Head Coach
Doug Collins – Great coach for this group of young players and has them playing good, hard, team basketball. A perfect fit for this team.

Andre Igoudala – The Sixers best all around player but not the go to guy the team needs. He is the nucleus behind the team.
Jrue Holiday – The most potential of any of the Sixers. Good jumper and can provide the team with some offense. He’s young and will continue to develop. He doesn’t have the leadership quite yet to take this team to the next level but will become their best player.
Lou Williams – He should be the Sixer to take the last shot of the game. He’s proven he can make big shots and isn’t scared to take them. He is far too inconsistent with his jumper and takes poor shots on occasion.
Thaddeus Young – Takes good shots. Plays with intensity. Fantastic role player but will never develop into the superstar he seems like he almost is.
Elton Brand – Getting old but can still score. He’s playing harder than ever but is getting close to running on empty. I’m not sure how much to expect out of him down the stretch.
Evan Turner – Lacks confidence and is still learning his role. Not the best outside shot either.
Spencer Hawes – Consistently hurt but provides a big body. He is not a starting center in the NBA.
Nikola Vucevic – A big body but he’s not going to bang with the big boys. An ok outside shot and decent offensive moves but still green.
Jodie Meeks – The most overrated Sixer who provides nothing but the ability to hit an open 3. Kyle Korver was better.
Lavoy Allen – A good jumper but not a real big man.

Without a go to seasoned pro to rely on, the Sixers will be a 2nd tier team in the East. Currently the Heat, the Bulls, and the Knicks all sport better rosters. These 3 teams have legitimate SCORING all stars and will handle the Sixers in a 7 game series. I actually think it’s a shame the Sixers have played so well because they will get the impression they are ok heading into the playoffs. Problem is they are completely undersized and even with their hard play and great team chemistry, I feel they will lose because of sheer talent of the opposition. I want to believe in the Sixers, I really do, but this is where I think they stand at the mid way point and it’s not enough.