I usually stay away from politics and religion because they strike chords with people. For whatever reason, these two topics tend to evoke feelings within people and give them ammo for why they might not like you. Another reason is because I’m pretty indifferent on both subjects and can’t really create informative posts because I lack interest. From the politics angle, the Presidential party will squander money on something that some people don’t believe in whether it’s a war or welfare. It’s impossible to make everyone happy and I’m pretty content that my single opinions won’t change what the mass government intends to do. So why should I spend much time caring? A passive, lazy approach perhaps but I just try to live my life the best I can and deal with whatever environment I’m surrounded by. Religion on the other hand drives me crazy. Not MY idea of religion, but other peoples and their attitudes towards sharing it.

I’m going to make this point very clear and I’m 100% right on the subject, you don’t know if God exists. If you haven’t seen him and you believe he’s a spirit in the sky, that’s perfectly fine but there’s no concrete, physical evidence that he’s up above. What annoys me is when people think they are right, like I do, on this subject. Religions need to believe that their beliefs are correct. So how can Hinduism, which believes in many gods, and Christianity, belief in one God, both be right? The answer is that neither of them are and that’s perfectly acceptable. People can co-exist believing in whatever made up story they want to if that’s going to make them a better person. If believing in someone watching over you who will judge your actions makes you live a healthier, productive, and more successful life, by all means. But don’t think that what you believe in is right and everyone else is wrong. You’re both right, or better yet, you’re both wrong. The constant talk of religion in our society is so old that I just get tired of hearing about it. What’s the point of religion? It’s to being people together in a common belief to achieve greater good as a society. It’s that simple. There isn’t any god unless you want there to be one.

I want to end this post with a quote that should give a better explanation than living – “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”. Each of us has a purpose in life. That we are each put on Earth to achieve certain goals. And the purpose of our being on Earth is to discover what that destiny is and to follow it no matter what.