I have some news regarding rnningfool.com. I’ve been considering putting my efforts towards a different site. Now you’ll remember that I tried this before but that was with the idea that I would just maintain two sites equally which wasn’t plausible. Essentially, I’m deciding whether or not I want to keep keeping up with rnningfool. As you can see from my post count of last month and what will surely be a low post total this month, I’m slacking off. I’m just tired of writing about things that nobody reads. The site says that 7,000 people a month come to the website which is fine but with 65% bouncing that leaves 2,550 people a month reading my material. Now this seems like a lot except when you start breaking down that if 10 people visit the site daily, that’s 300, or 11% of those 2,550. The bottom line is that there are probably a few people who like reading this site but there’s nothing at the end of the road for me. It’s always been fun to me but I’m starting to get squeezed for ideas. Or if I can’t think of anything that what I do think about isn’t very good. It feels more like a chore than a fun thing.

This is post# 897. This isn’t a website that is in its infancy. I have been unable to progress past this point of fake traffic and actually get an audience. It’s obvious my life is not captivating enough to bring in the masses. That being said, it’s time for me to try something new. I’m not flushing 897 posts down the drain but I can’t have months of 60 posts. I think it’s also a little disappointing from the standpoint of reader interaction. I’m not sure what to expect but I know that if Sam, Laura, Mark (I don’t want to discredit everyone) and I want to go into a room to discuss topics, we don’t have to do it through our websites. I’ve learned a lot about creating your own website and I think I can create something more specific to something I like. General, personal blogs aren’t what generate huge traffic unless people who don’t know you find what you are writing about interesting. My audience is my friends and some random people who search for Brandi Passante. This isn’t exactly ideal. I know that google is looking for specific oriented sites to a certain topic and with this experience, I think I can create a better, more enhanced, website than this. I can’t spend as much time with this site and hope to accomplish something better. I think this will disappoint a few more people (the Shee, Bud, W, Jkash – the only other person to create an entry for me, Evan, Jess Baker, and Stackhouse) but it’s just not time well spent. If I didn’t mention you and you read often, my apologies but in the give-take portion of my blog… Once again, this site will not be shutting down but you’re probably better off checking in weekly opposed to daily. I’ll keep up to date with any other projects I do.