I read an answer by someone to question two about the beating of a horse and political prisoners and they wrote “No, because a political prisoner should be freed because it is proven that they were wrongly jailed, not because I kicked the shit out of some horse.” I think that’s a tad better then mine.

3. Let us assume there are two boxes on a table. In one box, there is a relatively normal turtle; in the other, Adolf Hitler’s skull. You have to select one of these items for your home. If you select the turtle, you can’t give it away and you have to keep it alive for two years; if either of these parameters are not met, you will be fined $999 by the state. If you select Hitler’s skull, you are required to display it in a semi-prominent location in your living room for the same amount of time, although you will be paid a stipend of $120 per month for doing so. Display of the skull must be apolitical. What option do you select?

The obvious choice is to take the money and show Hitlers skull. Since it’s a skull, you really can’t tell whose it is anyway. Plus there’s no political meaning which just makes you a nut job for keeping a skull in your living room which is a little bit off putting but for 120 a month, I could live with it and accept people questioning my sanity. The turtle option is immediately not worth mentioning because it requires work whereas the other situation is a no lose, win win. Plus I don’t like taking care of pets.

Just to clarify in case there is another interpretation of “Hitler’s Skull”. If it was Hitler’s head preserved instead of a skull, I’d still take that over the turtle. There is no pleasure derived from watching and feeding a turtle. Add the idea of a fine and I would just take the money and live with Hitler’s head in my living room. Anyone who comes over would think I’m a Nazi and I’d probably lose all my friends, so I would just have to be really careful of who I let over my house. It’s only two years and I just don’t really have strong feelings towards symbols. I know I don’t agree with any part of Hitler’s beliefs so all it really is to me is a head that lives in my living room that pays 120 bucks a month in rent, sweet deal.