Ladies and Gentlemen, activity has been buzzing over the Celeb eye contest. Traffic is through the roof and I have received emails from people I’ve never even heard of taking guesses. I even have a disgruntled group of fans sending amusing emails (below). These are fun times and everyone should look forward to tomorrow when I really bring out the big guns. Thanks to all for the participation. Ali, your comment saying you had 6 people working on it with you and my traffic should be up… the sites blowing up and your 6 is like a drop in the ocean.

Email I received calling out my deception. (I will make up for it, don’t worry)

Dear Tom,

This morning, Matthew Stackhouse enlisted the aid of me and our fellow co-worker, Fawn Schramp. We diligently worked to identify the eyes of the celebrities in the contest posted to your blog in the hope that we would win the cash prize. You have since verified that we are the winners, but it is also our understanding that you will give us neither our glory nor our money because the contest was “too easy”. This is disheartening, unfair, and illegal. In an episode of iCarly, which stars up-and-coming pop superstar Miranda Cosgrove, the children ran an Internet contest in which the winner was promised a brand new car. When it turned out the company that promised the new car had never agreed to such a contest and that it was all a ruse put on by the children’s arch nemesis, Neville, the website was threatened to be shut down lest they delivered a prize. Granted, iCarly may not be the most accurate point of reference for my argument, but I believe Nickelodeon would not purposely lie about such a thing because doing so would open them to a barrage of law suits from children who sought to imitate the adorable Miss Cosgrove and her associates. Additionally, this contest was clearly not as easy as you seem to think, as it is our understanding we were the only ones to accurately guess Taylor Swift and Sofia Vergaga. We won fair-and-square.

In the words of some gangster rapper in South Central La, “B***h best have our money.”