I’m watching 3 shows right now that I find entertaining. True Blood, Daisy of Love, and Weeds. I’ll start with the good, the bad, and then the ugly.

True Blood is an awesome show. 3 episodes in and I’m excited for next week. They leave a cliffhanger at the end of each episode which I think is fine. Some people probably flip out at the end of every episode but I think they are just doing a great job luring the viewers back. They’ve been showing Sookie’s boobs alot which I’m over. Tara and the ripped bro are really annoying. Sam and the crazy witch bitch’s relationship is heading somewhere. Jessica as a vamp kind of pisses me off because she looks so weird that I want to dislike her but for some reason her ability to do impulsive crazy shit is ok for me. Bill doesn’t really bother me and Eric is turning into the fucking man. Jason Stackhouse is gonna bone the wife eventually and even though I think his part is pretty lame so far, they are setting something up. This wouldn’t be a show I would usually like but I’m entertained by people having super abilities and HBO is just coming through with a fine series in my opinion.

Weed’s is the bad. I’m not really sure what happened. I’ll still watch it but for some reason the show just lost the allure. Maybe because it seems like “been there done that”. None of the characters really even get on my nerves either. I could do without Celia but I think Nancy is a good actress. Shane is retarded now but I can even tolerate him. Andy’s character seems repetitive and Silas and Doug keep up some funny banter. I’m probably being overly critical because I will tune in next week but I just think the show’s seen better days.

Daisy of Love is the ugly. Specifically Daisy is the ugly. These guys aren’t getting a prize. They are getting a washed up, enhanced stripper, whose face is just deceiving whether it looks good or not. Don’t get me wrong, I think the show is great and she plays the part fine. I know it’s ridiculous but the way these characters interact with eachother and the stupid shit they do, really make entertaining TV. Plus VH1 uses dopey music for some characters and they do a good job of pointing out the craziness of certain situations. The dude ChiChi on the show was the biggest pussy i’ve ever seen. The driving seen was retarded in the last episode. I don’t really feel manly watching this show but I find it entertaining.