The Sixers pre-season opens tonight against the Boston Celtics and this is not what you want to read about your first round pick.

He left the very first pre-season game with cramps.

He left the very first pre-season game with cramps.

Bob Cooney of the Philadelphia Daily News on 97.5 The Fanatic:

I just got off the phone with somebody who I really trust in the NBA, and he’s like there’s no way his agent is going to let him play this year. That’s an injury that you don’t mess around with, and he thinks he’s going to keep him off his feet all year.



76ers Outlook

may1816-embiid-slideFor the 4th straight year the 76ers will be awful. The O/U going into this year was 27 games and that was expecting Ben Simmons to play. Are we down below 20 this year?

The team with 3 first round pick centers? The team with a starting PG, Jerryd Bayless, who will be on his 7th NBA team in 8 years? The team with Dario Saric who averaged 11.7 ppg in a Euro league while shooting 50% from the field against inferior competition? The team where Nik Stauskus and TJ McConnel routinely get minutes?

Moving into year 4 of the tank and this team is still a dumpster fire. I’ve heard the supporters and even they have to be getting nervous at this point with the latest Ben Simmons injury and talk that he would have rather went to LA.

nowitzi-saricI understand what the Sixers plan was and their hopes that high draft picks would save the franchise. It’s still in the wait and see mode. My main question is how many years do we wait and see before the “process trusters” are going to be waiting a decade and then saying, “see, I told you so, they finally made the playoffs.”

I truly don’t want to be a Sixers hater. I’d like to think I’m not on the band wagon but I’m not a disgusted fan either. I look at the situation as a fan of basketball and write how I see it unfolding. At this point, unless Embiid is a 20/15 guy who can take over games single handed, I guess we’ll be waiting until next year when Ben Simmons decides to, maybe, play for the Sixers.