B4SEOjMCUAEqWhVStreaming is the new way to listen to music. What is the point of having physical objects whether it be CD’s or pieces of vinyl? Whereas in the 90’s you’d buy a $16 dollar CD from the Wall or Sam Goody and then get the right to listen to 10-16 tracks by 1 artist. Millions upon millions of CD’s were sold. This worked well in the time period but today New Music Friday on Spotify is the way to get heard.

verizon-fuIf you don’t have a paid subscription to Spotify, I’d imagine you are not listening to music on a daily basis. With a $15 a month you have access to an unlimited amount of songs (minus Taylor Swift because she must a be greedy bitch ((or more likely she is just managed by intelligent people who are building an empire) that can be played ANYWHERE. Today I’m going golfing and bringing along my portable speaker and then streaming music through Spotify. Yes it uses data. My plan currently has 4gb of data because I used to only have 2 and was going over. The last 2 months I’ve used 5.1 which caused a $30 dollar overage charge. I even called up and tried to negotiate down and the woman was being a stubborn SOB. I wasn’t going to start screaming because it really all depends on who you get that day and how good of a mood they are in. Anyway, I started rambling a bit and got off-topic.

Young-the-Giant-Home-of-the-Strange-Single-2016The point I had used to originate this post was that musicians are releasing their music one song at a time every Friday. It’s genius. You hear a song released by a certain group and it gets played by The Spectrum or AltNation on Sirius which gives you insight into which groups are worth listening to. Then if you like the song, you anxiously await hearing the next released song. I’ll give an example, Young the Giant started with Amerika which was a great song. They followed up with Something to Believe In, then Titus was Born, and then Repeat. A month later they released the album “Home of the Strange” and I listened to the entire album because I liked the prior songs.

spotify-dnaSo I ask the question, Young the Giant is not making as much money doing this as they would have if people bought their CD? However, I actually enjoy the music of Young the Giant and would be more apt to give them money at a concert or through merchandise. It’s a different form of commerce and I like the other Alt artists who are using this method such as GroupLove, St Hotel, and Modest Mouse (the part in Lives (Your Life) at 1:24 comes out of nowhere). High and Low just released by Emipres of the Sun is a jam worth hearing.

I’m finished with this post. I started at 11 am and it’s not 11:18. That was pretty much 18 minutes of a stream of thought that I went with one way or another. I’m leaving here in 25 minutes and am posting this no matter what.