nbc-2016_summer-rio-olympicsI’ve been enjoying the Olympics the last few days and there is such a difference when you are watching a live event vs watching what NBC wants you to see. I don’t want to know…that other people already know. When the NBC producers are cutting up the events, I’m watching what someone wants me to watch. Even if it’s amazing footage, it doesn’t have the same appeal to me. Take last night, when China was playing the USA in beach volleyball, there was an off chance that China was going to win because I was watching it live. If it was on replay, I would rather watch highlights.


Lily King (gold) and Katie Meili (bronze)

Lily King’s win last night in the 100m breast stroke over Russia’s Yulia Efimova was compelling TV. The broadcast was hyping up the that Lily called out Yulia for doping and a rivalry was brewing. Watching it live was electric because you didn’t know who was going to win. Duh. ┬áIf the event was on replay, and heaven forbid King lost, I have this odd suspicion that NBC would have framed the story differently. If it’s not live, I don’t care for it.