5616Yesterday was the fist golf round of the year for me. I played with Jeff, Pat, and Mike and we had an all around good time. We all played a “grip it and rip it” from the 1st tee box which I would describe as 0 practice balls for the entire year. I ended up shooting an 89 from the white tee box at Indian Springs which makes it the 3rd consecutive year of firing an 89 on my very first round. I didn’t necessarily drive the ball that well but my short game was on point, which is different than usual. Evan and I are playing today with Watkins and Sam at Center Square and my thoughts before the round inspired this post.

Indian_Spring_ScorecardI was thinking of handicapping the round to maybe get some action so I started with Evan at a 112, Sam L about a 103, and Watkins is maybe 1-2 strokes better than I am and I’d say I’m 92. Adam tore his ACL again and is out until the summer but I asked myself, “what would I handicap him at compared to me?” This is a question that I don’t like to answer because even though I’m pretty sure I’m better than Adam, he shot two consecutive rounds at the score of 80 last year. Golf is all about your potential and what is your low round. There’s just no other way about it. I can’t possibly say that I’m better than Adam if his 2 low rounds are better than mine (and I can’t count the 79). So if I had to handicap Adam accurately, I’d have to say that he is .25 strokes better than me.

This leads me to saying that I’m shooting a 79 this year. I’m hungry. I haven’t been this hungry in a while but this is the year. My low round was 82 last year and I’ve fired a few 81’s in the past but this is the year I break 80. While Adam sits on the sidelines (and this post is not going to help), I’m going to be honing my game. After shooting an 89 without barely swinging a club to start the year, I’m ready and rearing to go. So, even though Adam I will technically say you are better at golf than I am, it will not last long. It sucks that you are on the sidelines because you deserve the opportunity to prove your worth against my words, but that’s just the way it is.