LPT is life pro tip. This one was especially good in the comment section.

1532993-980xSo I saw this video on the front page today that kind of jokingly explained how to tell if the girl is into you and one of the examples they use is when you’re making eye contact with a girl at the bar. Does it mean anything and is she into you? I know how to find out and this tip almost always works.

I had a friend that I used to hang out with a lot in my 20’s and he was pretty much amazing at picking up women. He showed me a tip to use for that exact situation.

When you’re at the bar or the club and you’ve repeatedly made eye contact with a girl, wait until she looks away and then duck out of the area you’re in as quickly as possible and find another area in the place to hide, but make sure that you can still see her. I saw my friend do this at the club. He ducked out and hid behind wall on the other side of the room and watched her. Sure enough, when she casually looked back over to the place where my friend was sitting previously, you could tell immediately that her demeanor changed and instead of going back to the conversation with her girlfriends, she kept looking around for him for a few moments. He considered that a sure sign of at least some interest and he also noticed that after he came back to the area and she noticed him, the eye contact would go on a lot longer.


1132195203LPT For ladies: How to find a Redditor in a bar

He’s the one running from you and hiding behind pillars.


As a female who frequents bars, if I see a guy that I think is attractive or that I’d be interested in (when single), then I look back and he’s gone, I will most definitely look around that damn bar and try to find him again. So I’d say this LPT would be a good one, doesn’t seem creepy to me at all.


I heard pulling up in your Porsche 911 twin turbo also helps.


1x11_Public_Relations_(27)You can always tell a Milford man!