012016-NICS-checksThe gun control post was a hit so I bring you to another fascinating tidbit on guns. The FBI says too many background checks are being called for due to gun purchases and they are overwhelmed and need more staff. A record 3.3 million guns were purchased in December. This compares to 1.5 million in the month of June. The increase is because gun enthusiasts are concerned that stricter regulations will be implemented.  The increase has lead to a delay in processing such checks.

160120085727-11-pakistan-attack-0120-exlarge-169In other news, militants stormed a school in Pakistan and 22 students are dead at Bacha Khan University. The militants were armed with AK-47’s. Attacks like this are the reason people purchase PA-10 rifles and other guns.  “One Pakistani Taliban spokesman, Umar Mansoor, said the attack was in retaliation for military operations against the group. Mansoor was also the mastermind behind the December 2014 attack,Pakistan’s DawnNews reported. Another Taliban spokesman said we “strongly condemn the attack on Bacha Khan University in Charsadda and disown the attack, saying this is not according to Shariah,” Khurrassani said.

defense budgetWell, which is it? I’d love to say that this doesn’t happen in our neck of the woods but that’s not true. You’re basically fucked if you don’t have a gun because of groups like this which brings the mindset, I need a gun. This behavior is why humans will eventually blow each other up. The idea that I need to be armed because your armed brings 3.3 million purchases of weapons in December.

Look at how much money the US spends on defense – $581 billion dollars. As a % of GDP it’s not that bad but holy shit that’s a vast difference from the rest of the world. The US mindset is on defense both nationally and individually. Better to be armed than be sorry. It’s hard to say if I feel safe or not.