Trust the Process!

17,000 people turned up to see the Sixers lose by 28 at home:



hinkie_witnessI didn’t watch this game so my comments are strictly based off of the boxscore.  30% from the field is abysmal.  Isiah Canaan is not an NBA player let along a starter.  Who’s J. Sampson?  Nerlens FG% is what player’s who don’t have a great feel for the basket shoot when there are no other options and he has strong defenders on him (Favors & Gobert).  It should be noted they were down 25 4 minutes into the 3rd so essentially out of the game by halftime.  What a joke.  I will be watching this team close to 0 minutes this year.  I beg others to do the same because what they are doing is disrespectful and horrid to the fans.